Unique Games

There are only a few unique gambling type games which can be played online by players using PayPal and these are available at Play n Go software powered mobile and online casino sites however these games do complement the very large range of slot machines, video poker games and card and table games.

The unique Play n Go unique games below can be played for various stake levels which players can adjust to suit their bankrolls and playing styles and as well as the real money variants of these games you will also find free play versions on offer.

Unique Casino Games from PayPal Casinos

Triple Chance Hi/LoTriple Chance Hi/Lo Game – This is a very unusual type of game whereby when you choose to play it you are faced with having to correctly guess whether a number that is going to be spun in on one of three different reels is higher or lower than the preceding number shown on that respective reel.

On each reel the numbers 1 to 13 are printed and it is the current number that is displayed on any one reel that you will be basing your decision on.

You first choose a stake at which to play the game for and then depending on what number is showing on each individual reel a set of odds are on offer for a correct guess on each of them.

You can choose to play any one of the three reels and all that is required is for you to click on higher or lower on that respective reel, if you guess correctly your stake will be multiplied by the payout odds displayed on the screen, guess incorrectly however and you will lose.

The beauty of playing this game however is that if you have placed a wager on one of the reels and you correctly predicted whether the next number that spins in is higher or lower than the last number then once you payout has been awarded you can choose to carry on playing in the hope of increasing those winnings.

Should the number spun in be the same as the preceding number then this is classed as a losing wager. The payout percentage that this completely random game is set to return to players is 95.26% to 96%.

Scratch AhoyScratch Ahoy Game – You will find the Scratch Ahoy slot game waiting for you if you choose to play at one of our featured Play n Go software powered online casino sites. This is a very simple to play Scratchcard game and one which offers you several different stakes at which you can play it for.

The aim of the game is to simply match a set of three symbols, of which there are several and you do this by scratching off the nine panels which are found on each Scratchcard game.

Get a matching set of three symbols and you win the corresponding payout listed on the pay table, see we told you it was an easy game to play! The payout percentage of the Scratch Ahoy game is 92.95%.

Be aware you can only win one of the listed cash prizes on each ticket you buy, however not all of them are winning tickets!

Hole in OneHole in One Game – This is another of the Scratch type games found in the gaming suite of all Play n Go software powered sites, whilst it may not appeal to every player when you are looking for a change of pace in regards to the games you are playing then Scratchcards do indeed offer that.

The way in which the Hole in One game works and operates is easy, you first choose one of the available stake levels and then purchase a new Scratchcard and then nine panels are found on the card which loads onto the screen.

If, once you have revealed all nine of the panels, you uncover three matching symbols in a row on the card then you have won. The value of the payout is displayed on the games payout table. No more than one cash prize can be won on each Hole in One Scratchcard and the payout percentage of this game is a reasonable 92.95%.