PayPal Accepting Classic Slot Games

SlotsIf you opt to play the Classic slot games at any player friendly PayPal accepting Play n Go software powered mobile or online casino site then a small but never the less interesting collection of these three reel slots will be available to you.

One thing to keep in mind with Classic slots is that bonus games are not found on them!

Below we have compiled a listing of these types of slot games you will find on offer at Play n Go software powered casino sites, we have also listed the long term payout percentages that each game offers to enable you to track down the better paying ones.

Be aware that many of these Classic Video slots have enhanced payouts when playing maximum bet spins and as such two different payout percentages are listed on any such slot offering an enhanced jackpot payout. Also listed are the jackpot payouts, the minimum and maximum coin stake levels and any special reel symbols that are in play on them.

Wild MelonWild Melon Slot – There is a 3 coin per spin option available on this Wild Melon slot game and the jackpots it offers are 1,000, 2,500 and 10,000 coins for a one, two and three coin spin.

The Wild symbol which is the Melon has an addition use and that is as a Scatter symbol and as such three of them in view award a payout. The payout percentages are 91.78% for one or two coin spins and 93.72% when playing maximum three coin spins.

Lucky DiamondsLucky Diamonds Slot – To enable you to get some boosted payouts when playing the Play n Go software powered Lucky Diamonds slot game the Diamond symbols are Wild Multipliers and as such one or two of them in any winning combination doubles or quadruples the value of all winning payouts.

One, two or three coins spins will give you the chance of winning a jackpot worth 800, 1,600 or 2,500 coins respectively, the enhanced three coin spin jackpot means maximum bet players get an enhanced payout percentage of 95.94% instead of the slightly lower one of 95.87% that one or two coin per spin players get.

Ace of SpadesAce of Spades Slot – Another single line Classic slot game from Play N Go on which you can play up to three coins per spin is the Ace of Spades slot, this one has three jackpots attached which when played for one, two or three coins spins returns a potential jackpot of 800, 1,600 and 2,500 coins respectively.

The long term return to player payout percentages of which there are two on this slot are 95.94% when playing three coin spins and 95.87% when playing one or two coin spins.

The Ace symbol is a Wild Multiplier so one or two of them doubles or quadruples the winning payouts that they help to complete.

Bell of FortuneBell Of Fortune Slot – You couple win a small fortune when playing this Classic slot from Play n Go, and the Wild symbols are also the jackpot symbols and as such when you are playing the maximum bet wager and then you line up those symbols on its single payline the progressive jackpot is awarded.

The jackpot symbol is the Bell and spinning in three of them when playing one or two coins awards 800 and 1,600 coins respectively. The expected long term payout percentage when playing one or two coin wagers is 87.92% and a maximum coin wager taking into account the progressive jackpot offers a payout percentage of a much higher 94.12%.

Speed CashSpeed Cash Slot – The Speed Cash slot is a progressive slot and the Car symbol you will find on the reels is both a wild and a jackpot symbol so not only does it stand in for other symbols it will award the jackpot when you get three of them on the single payline.

The non progressive jackpot for one or two coins spin are 800 and 1,600 coins repetitively but get three of these Car symbols on the single payline when playing maximum wagers and you will win the current progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot ticker. The RTP’s on this slot for one or two coin spins is 87.92% which becomes a higher 94.12% when playing maximum coin spins.

Gift ShopGift Shop Slot – The Gift Shop slot is very similar in structure to the other Classic slot games which boast a progressive jackpot from Play n Go software, and as such the payout percentages on offer on this slot are a large 94.12% when playing three coins spins and 87.92% when playing the maximum three coins spins, this slot game has just one payline.

The Gift Shop slot has a Ring in a Box reel symbol which is both the jackpot and Wild symbol and a line of three of them pays 800 coins, 1,600 coins and the progressive jackpot when playing one, two and three coins per spin respectively.

Golden GoalGolden Goal Slot – Here is yet another progressive jackpot single line 3 reel slot from Play n Go this one however boasts a soccer type theme. The RTP’s are identical to the other progressive Classic slots Play n Go offer and the payout percentages are 87.92% for one or two coin spins and 94.12% for three coin spins.

On this game it is the Gold Soccer Ball symbol that is both the Wild and Jackpot symbol and three of them pays 800, 1,600 and the progressive jackpot when playing one, two or three coins spins.

5x Magic5x Magic Slot – This is one of the more imaginative three reel slots from Play n Go as it comes with Scatter symbols and also Wild Multiplier symbols. The x5 reel symbol is the Wild Multiplier and one of them helping to complete a winning combination boosts that payout by x5, two of them in a winning combination boosts the payout by a huge x25 its normal value.

You can play five different paylines when playing this slot game and as such each payline has its own unique jackpot payout which is awarded for a line of three x5 symbols. The jackpot for a one to five line spin are 2,500 coins for a jackpot on line one, 3,000 coins for a jackpot on line two and 3,500, 4,000 and 5,000 coins for a line 3, 4 and 5 jackpot spin.

As the jackpot payout is enhanced for a payline number five jackpot then the RTP for a five line spin is higher than a one to four coin spin. The maximum bet spin RTP is 95.42% and the other payline spins pay an expected long term payout percentage of 95.00%

Irish GoldIrish Gold Slot – The Irish Gold is another of Play n Go’s five line, three reel slots. Scatter and Wild symbols are in play on the slot with the Wild symbols being x5 Multipliers when one of them helps to complete any winning combination this become an even bigger x25 multiplier when two of them form a winning combination.

The jackpots for a 1 to 5 line jackpot paying combination are 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000 and 5,000 coins respectively and that enhanced five coin jackpot also increases the RTP when you are playing max bet spins from 95.00% up to 95.42%.

For reference it is the Pot of Gold symbols which are the Wild Multipliers, and the Scatter symbols will award a payout when two or three of them drop into view anywhere on the slot screen are the Four leaf Clover symbols.