Card and Table Games

Card and Table GamesIf you are thinking about spending some time playing at PayPal accepting, player friendly online or mobile casino sites then you will probably be wondering just how diverse their range of casino card and table games is.

So with this in mind below we have listed an overview of this category of casino games which as are you are about to discover is quite dynamic.

To assist you further in finding the perfect game to play we have also listed the house edge and/or the payout percentage of each card and table game listed.


BlackjackThe standard Blackjack game available at Play n Go software powered sites is available to play as either a single-hand game or a multi-hand game. The stakes are of course adjustable and the aim of the game is for your hand to end up beating the Dealer’s but without going over 21 in value.

The rules in play on the standard Blackjack game are fairly straight forward to understand, with the main difference between this online Blackjack game and that of land based variants is that the decks of cards of which there are six are shuffled before a new game is set into play.

The Dealer is going to stand his hand when he has either a soft or hard 17 valued hand or anything higher, players can split a hand just once and if you have chosen to split a pair of Aces then only one card is dealt to both of them

You can double on any two cards but you cannot double after splitting any hand, the usual 3 to 2 payout is awarded if the Player has been dealt an unmatched Blackjack hand.

When played with perfect strategy the Play n Go software powered Blackjack game has a house edge of 0.58%.

Mini Baccarat

Mini BaccaratThere are a total of six decks of cards in play on the Mini Baccarat game found in the gaming suite of Play n Go powered casino sites, the aim of the game is to decide if it will be the Banker’s or the Player’s hand which will finish the game with a total nearer to a score of nine, the game could end in a tie and as such odds are offered on that possible outcome also.

It should be noted that all ten valued cards dealt out along with the Face cards are allocated a score of zero and the Aces count as one valued cards.
If you have placed a winning bet on the Banker’s hand you are paid out at odds of even money however a 5% house commission is charged. The payout percentage on each bet type based on the game play rules are as follows: The Player Bet returns 98.76%, the Banker Bet returns 98.94% and the Tie bet offers the worst value as the RTP is just 85.56%.

European Blackjack

European BlackjackPlay n Go software powered casinos also have the European Blackjack game variant on offer, and much like all of their other Blackjack games you can opt to play this game as a single-hand game or as a multi-hand game.

Based on the game play rules which we have listed for you below, when you are playing the European Blackjack game with optimum playing strategy which is how you should be playing any Blackjack game it will return a payout percentage of 99.37% which means the house edge is 0.63%.

Before a new game is set into live play the 6 deck shoe of cards is fully shuffled, and the Dealer is always going to stand his hand on all 17 or higher valued hands.

As a player you may split your hand but only once and just one card is dealt to any split Ace. You can double your bet to receive one additional card on any hard 9, 10 or 11 hand. The payouts for a winning Blackjack hand are 3 to 2 with all other hands receiving a payout of even money.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure BlackjackThe main difference between the Double Exposure Blackjack variant and all others is that when the Dealer is dealing out the cards he deals both his and your cards facing upwards, and this means you will always see what cards he is holding as none are dealt face down.

The game rules and payouts are slightly different on this Double Exposure Blackjack game which is available to play as either a single hand or multi-hand Blackjack game at Play n Go software powered casino sites.

The shoe holds a total of six decks of cards which are always shuffled before a new game starts, and the Dealer stands his hand on any hand of his which is valued at 17 or above in total.

Split Aces are only ever dealt one card and players can Double Down on a hard 9, 10 or 11. You cannot double down a hand when you have split cards and all winning Player hands including unmatched Blackjack hands pays even money.

If both you and the Dealer have a Blackjack hand then your hand is deemed to be the winner. However all other tied hands will see the Dealer’s hand being classed as the winning hand.

If you play this Double Exposure Blackjack game with perfect strategy you can expect a long term payout percentage of 99.04% which is a house edge of 0.96%.

Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck BlackjackAs the name of this Play n Go Blackjack game suggests there is just one deck of cards in the shoe which are always shuffled before you start playing a new game. This game is available as both a single hand and multi-hand game.

All winning non Blackjack hands are paid out at the standard even money, however a winning Player’s Blackjack hand is paid out at odds of 6 to 5, and the house edge of this Single Deck Blackjack game when played perfectly is 1.24%, so not the lowest house edge Blackjack variant Play n Go casinos offer.

The Dealer will stand on all 17 hands or hands with a higher total than 17 and Players can split a hand once with just one card being dealt to each split Ace. You can double on any two cards and a Late Surrender option is available on this game

European Roulette

European RouletteThere is a single zero Roulette game on offer at Play n Go powered sites and this game is a multi-stake game on which you can adjust the value of your chips to suit your budget.

All of the usual betting propositions are offered and these are found on the betting layout. As with all European Roulette game it boasts a house edge of 2.70%.

Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud PokerFor those of you casino card game players looking for a potentially very high paying game then the Casino Stud Poker game which offers players the chance of winning a progressive jackpot may be a game worth playing.

This is a single deck type casino poker game and you can place an additional bonus type wager before you start the game and this will activate a range of special payouts which are paid once you have been dealt certain hands.

You need to place an Ante wager to get the game underway and the aim of the game is to beat the Dealer’s hand whilst hoping his hand qualifies by being dealt a hand consisting of at least an Ace and a King.

The payouts coupled with the game play rules mean that this game has a payout percentage of 94.78% which is a house edge of 5.22%. The game is easy to play and understand and once you have placed your Ante bet you are then dealt five cards.

You are then faced with either calling your bet or folding your hand, when you call your bet another wager worth double your Ante bet is placed onto the betting box for you automatically.

Should you have called your bet and the Dealer’s hand once revealed does not qualify then your call bet is returned and your Ante bet is paid out at even money.

If the Dealer’s hand qualifies and your hand beats his then you win a payout of even money on your Ante wager and depending on the value of your hand a bonus payout which can be as high as 100 to 1 for a Royal Flush is paid

If you have placed the additional bonus bet and you are dealt a hand valued at a Flush or higher and you haven’t folded your hand then a set of bonus bet payouts are awarded, if your hand is a Royal Flush and you have placed the bonus bet then you win 100% of the progressive jackpot.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold'emThis is another casino poker type of card game and you need to place an Ante wager to get the game underway, you can also place an optional bonus bet which will activate a set of bonus payouts for being dealt certain hands.

This game has just one single deck of cards in play which are always shuffled before a new game is set into live play. You are dealt two cards and the aim is to beat the Dealer’s hand with your hand, two cards are dealt to yourself and the Dealer and these cards can be used in conjunction with five community cards.

A set of payouts are listed should your hand beat the Dealer’s when he has qualified and also a set of additional bonus bet payouts are on offered. When played with perfect strategy you can expect a house edge of 2.16% when playing this game.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow PokerThe final casino poker game we would like to introduce you to is the Play n Go software powered Pai Gow Poker game. This game has a total of 53 cards in play in the deck which is always shuffled before a new game is set into motion.

The extra card is a Joker and this can be used as an Ace card or it can help complete a straight a flush or a straight flush hand. You are dealt seven cards and the Dealer is dealt seven cards.

You need to split up your seven cards into a 5 card hand which must be ranked higher than the other two card hand you must form. If you have a winning hand you are paid out at even money less a 5% house commission.

Should only one of your two hands beat the Dealer’s then the game ends as a push, should both the Dealer’s hands beat yours you have lost however if both of your two hands beats the Dealer’s hand then you have won. The house edge of this Pai Gow Poker game when played with perfect strategy is 2.85%.